Foundation Repair in Alabama

There are a variety of causes for foundation cracks or shifting for your home. Ox Foundation Solutions has seen them all and can advise you on the best method to stop and repair any type of foundation issue in Alabama.

Foundation repair solutions are a permanent way to remedy your foundation issues by utilizing a push pier and/or helical pier system. Ox Foundation Solutions installs piers along the foundation footings and grade beams as needed.

These steel piers are hydraulically driven into the ground until they reach competent soils and/or bedrock beneath the foundation. These repair solutions provide the very best option to repair your foundation back to level. All of our pier systems are hot-dipped galvanized to add additional corrosion protection and supply the product with extended life expectancy.

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Foundation cracks from slab settlement can affect new and old structures alike. Whether you are dealing with a sinking slab in your basement, garage, driveway or patio, a common solution to repairing sunken concrete is to demolish and replace the entire slab. This method can be costly and time-consuming. Applying OxPoly®, a concrete-lifting technique is a cost-effective, expedient and less disruptive alternative that offers numerous advantages over other common slab raising methods.

We truly want this to be the only time you will ever have to worry about your compromised foundation again.

Here are a few of the most common types of foundation issues:


Hot and dry conditions cause clay soils to expand and contract, which in turn starts to compromise the integrity of the soil around and under the foundation and walkways. Settlement due to this foundation moisture imbalance can cause cracks to appear throughout the property.


Tree roots can dehydrate the soil beneath the foundation causing shrinkage and thus causing foundation issues. They can also grow beneath existing driveways and structures, which will cause a heaving effect of the area.

Plumbing leaks

Water from leaky plumbing is often a major contributor to foundation problems including heaving and effervescence becoming noticeable around the affected area.


Improper drainage will lead to excess moisture build-up, which can erode or consolidate soils. Excessive moisture may cause heaving of expansive clay soils beneath your home or walkways.

Site Preparation

Cut and fill situations, where soil is removed from part of the building site and stacked on another, needs proper soil stabilization before a structure is built; otherwise unexpected movements of the soils beneath the foundation may occur. This is very problematic in cities that allow building on slopes and hillsides.

Recent Foundation Repair Installation Jobs

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December 12, 2020 | Southside, AL

Earth Anchors Earth anchors are composed of heavy-duty galvanized plates installed in conjunction with heavy-duty steel threaded rod to provide horizontal support for vertical wall sections. OX Foundation Solutions Warrants earth anchors with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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September 7, 2020 | Woodville, AL

We went to the customer's house and inspected the crawl space and saw sagging floor on one side. So we installed helical pier systems 6 feet a part to jack up the entire house. We also added a few steel crawl space jacks in the middle of the kitchen floor to ...

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July 9, 2020 | Winfield, AL

Ox Hydro-Guard® Basement System 25-125 Ox Hydro-Guard® in your basement will manage standing water and flooding in your home. OX Foundation Solutions backs our subfloor drainage with a LIFETIME of the Structure TRANSFERABLE WARRANTY! Ox Pump System Zoeller Pump 1/3 H.P. motor 1-1/2" NPT Discharge & Passes 2" spherical ...

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