Repairing Services for Uneven Floor in Alabama

Uneven floors can look inadequate in anyone's bare eyes. A slant/slope situation might be one where, over the course of 15 or 20 horizontal feet, the floor slopes down one or two inches.  As a house's foundation settles and shifts, it can cause the walls and floors to shift and bend.

The best way to deal with uneven floors is to take the services provided by Ox Foundation. If you live in Abernant, Adamsville, Knoxville, Cleveland, Banks, Millbrook, and all other service areas in Alabama please give us a call 205-303-3830. Our friendly customer care will dispatch a group of experts to your home or business resident. 

Repairing Services for Uneven Floor
Uneven Floor Look Like

How does Uneven Floor Look Like?

The best thing about an uneven floor is you it's visible you don't have to look deep in your house to trace it. They should be visible, and any outward sign of warping, damage or the joist pulling away from the structure will be obvious. Whenever you notice an uneven floor it is recommended to take the help of professionals such as ourselves to fix the problem immediately. 

How do We Fix Uneven Floor?

  • Inspection- We first conduct a thorough check-up of your foundation and trace if there's an underlying issue leading to an uneven floor
  • Foundation Repair- Typically uneven floors occur due to problems in your foundation, so we start our foundation repairing process
  • Sagging Floor- If there is a sagging part of the floor in between two points across a room we fix the joists and add steel columns
  • Leveling Strips- Once these leveling strips are cut, they will need to be screwed down every 16 inches along the area that needs leveling.
  • Grinding the Floor- We grind the floor if it's necessary, this depends mostly on how bad is the uneven floor

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The flooring issue falls under the foundation of your house. Floors are the inner beauty of your house but by any chance, if it's uneven then it won't look compelling and may actually look a disturbance in many people's eyes. Ox Foundation has been providing the best solutions to all sorts of flooring issues in Alabama for many years now. We have the best experts who are professional and licensed. Their goal is to provide you proper solutions to all sorts of basement waterproofing, foundation repair, wall and floor cracks, and many more problems.

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